David Delrahim

Vahid David Delrahim has been the President and CEO at Platinum Energy (and its subsidiaries) since 2009, a company which offers service in over 150 West Coast locations. Delrahim brings to the position nearly three decades of entrepreneurial and leadership experience in the retail gas station, convenience store, car wash industry and the creation of high end car wash oasis facilities.

Today, Platinum Energy and its portfolio of companies employs 1,000+ people. Delrahim is still extremely connected to taking care of people and as such, through the company he promotes the “family first” approach as part of the company culture.

Delrahim is also the CEO of Bliss Car Wash, a California car wash chain that believes that water is life and, in turn, fights to conserve it at every turn.

David Delrahim is also a very prominent philanthropist, along with his wife Orna and through the company. Over the years the Delrahims and Platinum Energy have donated tens of thousands of dollars annually to various causes including the Heart Foundation, the Evan Fischer Foundation Memorial Fund and many of the San Bernardino County communities affected by the 2017 firestorms. He is a board member of: the LA Chapter of the Jewish National Fund, former board member of the SF Valley’s Chamber of Commerce and a contributing member to Wells Bring Hope.

David is a long time Southern California Resident. He and his family reside in Calabasas, CA.